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Personal Skills Dashboard


First thing that is jumping out at me is I'm not seeing a personal skills dashboard. What I was envisioning would be something that would list the skills I selected, then some way to structure a timeline or outline to create step stones, and details. Am I missing something?


I suspect much of the skillset development is self directed.

Collectively we are to help each other with steps we may have taken to reach a competency that someone else desires to attain.

I'm thinking this is content that we, the users, are going to have to generate.  Something like a spreadsheet, maybe in Google docs or the like, that can be easily shared.

I thinking a spreadsheet for skills that says in column 1 "read book X" and in column 2 "learn how to make widget A", etc. These steps would be the steps that users had gone through while developing skills.  Other users could follow these steps, rate them, modify them, etc. and then the whole community would get better.


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