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That's the one that I did as well.

My daughter and I started walking/running a month or so ago, but got out of the habit when it got terribly cold and rainy. Two quick questions about CP25K - how well does it work with hilly terrain and can you do it on a treadmill when the weather gets bad? I will go check out the site later today when I get time.

We have access to lots of great wooded trails, but we are in the foothills of the Appalachians, so even our "flat" ground has some slope to it, and the trails have a lot of hills. And when the weather is really wet, like it has been, I don't think it would be safe to be out there slipping and sliding around in that slimy clay mud. (Not to mention how much my laundry bill would go up!) We do have a junky old hand-me-down treadmill that a relative gave us, so we can run inside, but it just isn't the same.


Yes, you can use it on a treadmill.  I did that for the first couple of weeks.  It can be used for any kind of terrain.  The main idea is you run for 30 seconds, then take a walk break for 30 seconds.  Repeat as directed.  The intervals change as the program progresses.

Funny, you stopped because it got cold and rainy.  I like running when it is cold and I don't really mind the rain.  I stopped running in June when it got hot and humid.

Also look into running on the forefoot.  It doesn't feel natural at first, but has less of an impact on the knees, at least that's what I experienced.  Key words would be barefoot running.  You don't have to run barefoot for this, but that's the "style"  You run mainly on the ball of your foot instead of having your heal strike.

And don't try to go too fast.  That will lead to injury.

So I went off the deep end today and ordered a nice reference book for foraging in my region. My excuse is that I was very close to the $25 amount for the free shipping on Amazon (do they know how to work people like me, or what?). I knew that foraging was one of my 13, so I decided to splurge - a whole $14 bucks.

Did a little recon regarding my firemaking skill today. Dh and I were out cutting some old trees and downed limbs off a fenceline and I saw several dead black locust trees with very nice cracked cap polypore fungus (aka shelf molds in my region). The next time I go out there, I will start harvesting the shelf molds and store them for when I start working on my actual firemaking skills in January.

That stuff can hold a spark like nothing I've ever seen. I once almost caught my kitchen trashcan on fire with one that was cool to the touch and that I had doused in cold water! I will go into more detail (in case any others are working on the firestarting skill) in January.


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