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Idea for new feature: friends or team

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Would it be possible to add the capability to add members as friends or become part of a team so that you can see each others' skills and possibly work on them together?

If not, something else that would work would be the ability to tag a member as a favorite and then you can access all your favorites from you account settings.

Thanks for the work you do with the podcast, this site and the overall community.

Tracksol, when you have a moment, pleas drop by The Intro Thread to say hello and introduce yourself to the other forum members.


+1 for this idea.   I was looking over my account settings and thought the same thing.   With so many members, and more each day, it would be nice to be able to track progress of members we know and team up with.

I had the same thought - I have talked a number of non-TSP folks to sign up, and it would be nice to have a way to see them, and for them to see me easily.

I imagine as 13-in-13 goes on, we all might make new friends as we find kindred spirits from around the world

This was my first thought when signing up. I want to "follow" certain people's progress and be able to seek out "mentors"


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