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Easier way to locate those near you?


Would it be possible to add a field and a filter to the skills so you can narrow down the members to an area of the world?

Now the only way to do it is to hope that someone linked their 13skills account to one of the social media sites, then click on that site to see if they are in your area. I would not go much further than a state or region.



That would be great since I don't do any type of social media thing.

they could probably add a "location: " onto the profile (an excellent option for those of us who either don't use or wish to share our social media sites). Then adding a search to the members page where you can select the skill and/or location you wish to search. Or clicking on a skill from your profile and having it pull up everyone that has selected the skill and having a location search from there.

A few years back Frappr was being used here for pinning your location and being able to locate those close to you.  However trying to access my map - it seems to have changed since the last time I was there.

I tried to look it up but came up empty, at one time there was a post to a link for member map, and a way to look at where members were located if they chose to complete the information. I think it was through google. I really like to see how many international members there were.


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