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Many of the skills, but not all are already in the forums somewhere.  For those why not start a thread in those sections.  Keeps lots of great info in one area.  For instance those working on permaculture could post there, etc.   I'll be doing mine in blog posts possibly using a series plugin or and categories, easier for me to keep track of than a notebook.  I can see where others may prefer sharing on Facebook, in forums, etc.  Whatever works best for you.    I like the idea of linking to your preferred way to interact and share vs creating content on one more site.

Or even a thread for each skill, posting simply a link to your blog post, forum thread, or any other url where you are writing about reaching your goal.   Right now I can click on a skill and see goals others have set in that skill.  Many don't have links to document progress yet.  What would be nice, whether here or there, is to see a list of those links without having to wade through all those without, although I do like seeing what goals others have set.

My website isn't exactly a place where tracking progress is relevant subject matter, but as I progress in my skill sets, the website will get better.

I tried to set concrete goals instead of "get better at" or "master..." goals. My goals are actionable and progress is pretty easy to track.

For example, one of my skills is woodworking. My goal is to take 2 classes at Woodcraft- one in joinery and one in finishing. There are master craftsmen who work their entire lives mastering joinery- there are all kinds of disciplines, methods, etc. Today anyway, I have no plans to become a master woodworker. I simply want to improve my overall woodworking skill set and to take these classes will help me attain "getting better at..."

My plan is to update my progress within the goal description on So, after I take one class, I'll post- Update took joinery class 2/13/13. Scheduled finishing class for 4/15/13. When both classes have been taken, I will mark the goal as complete and set a new goal within the same skill. If I manage to take 6 classes in 2013, then by the end of the year I will have several updates on the site and can happily mark Woodworking as a skill I've improved upon in 2013, with all my progress logged right there.

The Masters will tell you that when you get to their level, you only realize exactly how much there still is to learn. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

But anyway, that's how I plan to track progress.  :)


--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on December 12, 2012, 11:35:05 AM ---We've briefly discussed doing additional boards for the 13 Skills.  We've decided that we aren't doing anything yet.  We are going to wait until the community decides the path they will take in this board.

This part is just my view and hasn't been discussed with the other moderators.  I feel that there are too many skills to have a separate board for each skill.

--- End quote ---

Just an observation and worth what you're paying for it but...

Many of the "skills" aren't really skills but goals in and of themselves. For example, Concealed Handgun License. To me, that should be a goal within a shooting or marksmanship skill. One doesn't really have to master anything but taking the time and attending the class to get the license and having the license doesn't make you a good shot either.

Perhaps some of the skills could be condensed into more general categories with the ones being condensed set up as suggestions for goals within the set.


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