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found some Technical Difficulties

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Just wanted to let you know when find technical problems with the site (

Under accounts - social media: can't link to my TSP profile

I get this message when i enter my name "Hootie" and click on the profile:
"An Error Has Occurred!
The user whose profile you are trying to view does not exist."

... my mother told me to never argue with a Admin/Mod, so for now i am ok that "I don't exist"  :P

Did you put in your username or your user ID number?  I made the mistake of putting my username in there, but I noticed that it wanted my ID number before I hit submit.

use your ID #. Hootie, yours is: 8090

That's odd because it accepted my user name last night just fine?


--- Quote from: FromScratchWoman on December 01, 2012, 07:14:17 PM ---That's odd because it accepted my user name last night just fine?

--- End quote ---

We changed it so it will throw an error.  What you did won't work, if you click the TSP forum on your 13skills profile you will get an error, you need to change it to your number, that is all about how SMF works. 

Where you edit your forum ID on 13skills you will see a link that says how do I find this, if you click it you will see the following,

Note: This assumes you have an account on the TSP Forum located at If you do and want to link to it, you need your forum id number. To get this go look at any post you have made and click on your username to bring up your public profile, you will see something that looks like this,;u=1 in which case your TSP Forum Number would be 1, and you would enter that value here. Remember you can always add this later if you don’t wish to do it right now.

A lot of people were putting in usernames so we set it up to show an error hoping that people would use the help file link we provided.


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