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Any recommendations on Installers in the Branson/Springfield, MO area?

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Just moved to a place on Table Rock lake in Kimberling City, MO.  Looking to install some solar and/or wind power system(s).  Any recommendations?

I don't know of anybody in you AO, but I have a friend that lives in Tulsa, and he does it. PM me if you are interested. I don't always check the forums.

Talk to the guys and Missouri Wind and Solar.  I've never worked directly with them, but they are close to you and could probably help you out.  FYI, I have an Air Breeze Wind Turbine for sale. with many of the components needed to get started.  Send me a message if you are interested.  Also, don't be suckered into the claims of high wattage of some of the turbines.  They require much higher winds to even begin charging and providing usable energy.  Good Luck!

I agree with the last guy on pretty much everything he said. first you are very close to missouri wind and solar they have a store on hwy 60 in seymour mo. second wind power in our area is not that great solar power is much more reliable. I live 4 hours from you but i have property near seymour.

When I contacted Missouri Wind and Solar 2 yrs. ago they told me that they sold components only and did not do any installations. Has this changed?


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