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MSB member benefit - would cost little, be worth a lot.

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Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: The Infidel on February 19, 2010, 10:23:48 AM ---...Don't want to seem to brazen here but the give me a reason to trust you comment may have been a little to much. ...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I know.  Sorry.  My gut feeling is that he's a good guy who is sincere about trying to get a useful project going.

I'm just not comfortable going with my gut feeling alone, in the current political environment.

Let me say this,

MSB or TSP will never EVER under any circumstances make available to anyone a list with contact information much less physical address of any of our members/listeners/supporters to ANYONE EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES period, the end as in NEVER.   ;)

People can choose to reach out and form independent networks, trade contact information etc.  That said nothing approaching a "roster" will ever have official TSP endorsement.

No disrespect to the original poster but bad idea and in no way will I ever sanction this, EVER.  

Folks reach out yes, form real world relationships beyond the forum etc.  But stick to what most people do, meet in pubic locations first, form a deeper trust and go from there.  

TSP is not a dating site, it is not for creating lists, God have mercy on any individual that makes a list of TSPers with out their permission if I find them.  With some of the situations we discuss here trust is earned by more then a forum or MSB membership.

TSP affiliation is only a first level of vetting anyone, use your judgment, build real relationships but don't ever give out personal information just because TSP is a common interest.  If you read my email for a day you would be shocked at how some of our listeners are "mentally defective" and with some of them there is no softer/nicer way to put it.  

Topic Locked as this is NOT open to discussion.


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