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Free Shipping for MSB Members


I just wanted to let you know that I will be offering Free Shipping in my online store for MSB members. Jack said he would get it posted and mention it this week.  In the coming months we will have many more items in our store to include; firearms, reloading equipment, knifes, holsters, survival gear and supplies. We have these products in our  store located in El Paso, TX, it is just a matter of getting the all the items listed in the online store. Another thing I manufacture and sell is 10' and 20' galvanized greenhouse hoops.
This is a small business run by my wife and I. We take pride in the fact that we offer top notch customer service and the fact that we do not sell stuff just because we got a good deal. Most of the products we sell are items we use all the time. As soon as we find the time we will be writing reviews on the products we sell. You can contact us here on the forum, email at or by phone 915-892-3275.


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