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problem with TSP in internet explorer

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was at my parents house and booted up IE (microsoft internet explorer), wanting to read up on the forum... noticed that the website navigation doesn't show up in IE... this is a major problem as this is still at least 60% to 70% of web users.



Firefox 3.5 (notice the nav shows up)


This Web User always uses Firefox.


Mr. Bill:
I think this has something to do with bugs in MSIE's "box model" for laying out web pages.  I'm guessing the navigation tabs are beyond the right edge of the page.

It's odd that no one else has reported it -- but, on the other hand, who would notice something that isn't there?  You'd have to look at the page in both browsers, otherwise you'd never know anything was missing.  So maybe you're the first person to have done this.

BTW, the layout on my Firefox is different still.  The "Helping You Live..." tagline is too big to fit in the black space to the right of the logo, so it ends up below (white on white), with the four navigation tabs underneath.

Looks like Jack is gone for the weekend.  I don't know if it's Jack or SW who's responsible for that page, but I'll bring it to her attention (because I think she's been spending too much time lounging around doing nothing ;) ).

Sister Wolf:
IE = the worst browser on the planet.  I asked Jack the same question after I saw a recent video that he did on "how to use the site" (was reviewing it for him).  I don't know WHY it does that on the main page, but *shrugs* there you have it.

Sister Wolf:
Oh also - I didn't code that page, and don't really have access to the code.  However, if it's Wordpress like I think it is, I'll work with Jack on fixing it for those of you who use MSIE.

Bill, that's a weird issue to be having.  It should be showing up in the deep gray part, since it's actually text, and not a graphic.  Strange strange strange.


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