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Sister Wolf:
Please answer the following questions:

What color do you want?
What do you want on the cap?
How many do you want?

We don't expect you to jump up and purchase them immediately after we get them (we understand finances, oh believe me, we do).  But just a general ballpark figure of "I think I'll want 2" or "maybe 3" or "just 1" would help us get an idea of how many to order right off the bat.

Okay.  That was too many baseball references in one post.  Going to get some coffee now.  ;D

Sister Wolf;
I may have a possible solution, and its economically beneficial all the way around.  Get those khaki Americap contrator caps from tactical response gear( ), and velcro some of the TSP patches.
That would support Tactical Response Gear,and supports TSP(podcast and forum)
Everybody's happy!  :D

I'm such a modest genius ;D ::)

"what do you want on the cap?"
An ant of course! :D
Depending on price, I would be in for at least two.
Seriously, though, either an ant or val or the words or the website would be fine with me. Maybe val or an ant on the front and the website in smaller print across the back.

Forgot what color. As I said on the shirts, black is not a good color for me, but I do know black is a good color for hats since it does not show dirt as fast. Black does make my head hotter in the summer, though. I do agree that khaki would be a good color.
Sorry, that was a bit ramble-y.

I would probably want just one.

I could see buying either a khaki or black one.

I would want the Val with the motto.


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