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Possible suggestion for a benefit for MSB members

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Hey all I am new to the forums but I have been listening to the podcast for quite some time, anyway I have a suggestion for an additional benefit to the MSB members:  I would like if going forward the MSB show downloads (within the member area) came with a very abbreviated "Intro Section". 

Increasingly the podcast's intro section deals with the benefits of being a member of the MSB and as a member I don't need to hear anything but updates to benefits.  Also it can be assumed that MSB members listen to the show religiously and do not need an explanation of what each of the sponsors do for a living.  I know that Ready Made Resources has a great solar catalog but I have to hear that everytime I download a show.

Basically I am asking if it would be too much trouble to have a intro section for MSB members only that went as follows.  Show Topic -> Changes and Updates to Sponsors and Benefits -> Notifications of Stuff unrelated to show topic and cut out the MSB appeal, the length of sponsor ads, etc.  If its too much trouble that's fine, but it would be a nice feature that as I am helping to support the show I get the content "AD FREE".  So to speak.  Thanks for your time.  Let me know what you think.

In short yes it would be too much trouble because it would more then double the work in editing by making me create two versions of every show.  I will say to you what I say to anyone that doesn't like house keeping, it is a podcast, use fast forward.  Not being a jerk just honest about the work required to simply provide two versions.

Further the sponsors are paying for weekly mentions.

That's fine I have my own blogs and I understand the work involved.  Just thought I'd offer a suggestion.  Just throwing out an idea to add value MSB.  I don't really care about listening to it (as you pointed out you can fast forward) as much as for archival purposes and making "intro cds" to try and get you more listeners.  However I am tech savvy enough to edit out the intro section for the "intro cds" I make and hand out, so in the end no big deal.  Just trying to do my part to further the great show you do!

I am open to editing a group of specific shows as viral shows to be given out etc.  I did it with one of them,

I use the above show as track #1 on the CD I make and thank you so much for making it as well as all you do.


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