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The Wilderness:

--- Quote from: BerserkerPrime on November 05, 2009, 11:02:57 PM ---I love that idea!  Maybe we could convince Trioxin to loan his Ant Head logo?  I realy think that would look great on a black flag/white shield/black soldier ant!  I would certainly fly it high!


--- End quote ---

BP, the Soldier Ant would make a great flag, but is a Mod/Admin exclusive. It is not available to members.

We will work on a flag design for everyone.


Mr. Bill:
Okay, I have now used the TSP Gear Store website 8) so here's some feedback on the store itself...

It would be nice to have a "FAQ" or "Doing Business" link, with info on ordering, payment, shipping, returns, and so forth.

As actual products arrive, replace the Photoshop mockups with photos of the real things.

Product descriptions should have more detail, since some customers will not be reading about them on the forum.  For example, the hats are currently just "100% Cotton Embroidered Ant Hats".  How about "Crafted in Mauritius from heavyweight 100% cotton twill, these durable caps feature a 3" brim, an adjustable band, and an embroidered ant.  Hand wash, line dry."  Or something like that.

I don't know if you have any control over the Paypal shopping cart, but it insists on resizing my browser window to a narrow width.  (Minor annoyance.)

Other than that, I thought the website design and functionality were very good.  Everything seemed to work, and the Paypal shopping cart was straightforward to use.  Good job!

Sister Wolf:
Fantastic, Bill.  Thank you.

I don't have any control over paypal, and I don't know why it's resizing your browser.  That's dumb.   :-\

The rest of the stuff I CAN fix.  I will take pics of the t-shirts, stickers, and patch and replace the mockups with pics, asap.  Everything else that you suggested will be taken care of by the end of this weekend.  Learn as you go, y'know.  :)

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Sister Wolf on December 09, 2009, 04:59:04 PM ---I don't have any control over paypal, and I don't know why it's resizing your browser.  That's dumb.   :-\

--- End quote ---

It's probably something about my Firefox settings.  I think it's trying to open a popup but Firefox puts it in a tab instead.  If it starts bothering me I'll figure out how to fix it at my end.


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