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--- Quote from: Mountain State Prepper on October 30, 2014, 09:28:47 AM ---But its IMPORTED!   :)

--- End quote ---

so imported silver then ;)

Josh the Aspie:
Convenience cost.  The parts are small.  They put it together, find the right sized container, figure out what can fit together nicely, so you don't have to spend the time customizing a kit yourself.

Of course, this also likely means you don't know how to use the items in the kit all that well, and the tools will not be as good as what you could get and put together for yourself for the same price.

This is not "you're an experienced prepper that wants the best, buy this", since that market would just make their own.  This is for those starting out, or for those with very little time.

Black November:
I just started compiling a TSP business directory on the TSP Wiki page. Consider browsing it for gift ideas an support your fellow TSP listeners.

I am looking at/for the AC charged emergancy flaslights to give my Father and Brother for Christmas this year.  Actually The Wife is likey to get some as well.  This is something I see a a hole in our preps that jack has highlighted for me.  I am considering a larger one top light up the "fuse box" if MY power goes out.


--- Quote from: Josh the Aspie on October 28, 2014, 10:23:42 AM ---I have fork chops (they were a gift).  They really would be more practical if it was a spoon instead of a fork on the end.  Also, 2 titanium sporks.  They really are awesome.  The problem is keeping the one I want to keep at work clean.

--- End quote ---

I fell in love with stainless steel Korean chop sticks a few years ago.  They come with a long handled spoon that you use with the chop sticks.


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