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Food Storage Feast course - Free sample and early-bird discount
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:13:26 PM »
Greetings, TSP family!

My new online course & eBook, Food Storage Feast, will launch next week.

Please go to to get on our email list to receive an early-enrollment discount especially for TSP listeners.

Many of you have asked me exactly what to expect, what it costs, when it’s being released, etc.

What is Food Storage Feast?

Food Storage Feast is your inspiration to create delicious, healthy, inexpensive meals using basic food storage items such as grains, beans, canned and freeze-dried goods, and condiments. You’ll learn to use these, paired with game you hunt, and garden-grown and local produce, to create beautiful meals all year long, in good times and bad.

Who is it for?

The Food Storage Feast course is for homesteaders, gardeners, preppers, and families on a tight budget who wish to keep a deep pantry filled with storable food that they actually use.

What will I learn?

Food Storage Feast will help you select the foods to store to make the meals you love, while also introducing you to new and tasty ways to use the ingredients that keep the longest. You’ll add a chef’s hat to your preps, as you store food and store skills. And you will most likely slash your grocery bill - mine literally dropped by half when I started developing the course recipes.

When can I sign up?

We will start accepting early enrollments by the end of this week. These discounted early enrollments give you the opportunity to save money and start learning while we finish building out the course. Your enrollment is a lifetime membership in the Food Storage Feast course.

At launch we will have 30 exclusive recipe videos, and we will be working feverishly on the course over the next few months to build it out it with dozens more. Our work will culminate in an eBook containing all recipes and course material, plus a lot of extras we couldn’t quite fit into the online course.

My co-author Noah Darco is working full-time to shape this into the ultimate reference book on long-term food storage and cooking. The eBook, and all future editions, will be available for free, in perpetuity, to all Food Storage Feast students.

If you have not yet received a course sample, please go to, and fill out the very short contact form that you’ll see when you scroll down the page (it's part-way down the page on the left side). We will send you a 39-page eBook teaser (printable if you wish), including two of our best recipes and free access to the accompanying videos.

And as soon as the course goes live, I’ll be offering you a link with a special TSP listener discount for an additional $20 off the already-discounted, early-enrollment price. Your total cost will be $149 - a savings of $50 off the full enrollment price of $199.

- - -

With Food Storage Feast, you’ll learn to select, buy, store, rotate, and regularly cook with the best long term storage foods. In addition to the written portion, each module of the Food Storage Feast offers you gourmet recipes, with step-by-step HD videos from my kitchen showing you exactly how to make them.

We cover the whole gamut: rice, beans, wheat (including grinding and baking), oats, corn, canned goods, wild game, etc. PLUS we cover condiments, spices, windowsill gardens, and other ways to spice up your life, including authentic ethnic recipes - anyone for Thai food? (We also tell you where to get authentic, storable Asian sauces, seasonings, and ingredients, with specific brand recommendations.)

The recipes are delicious, nutritious, and in most cases… very inexpensive.

Put what you learn in Food Storage Feast into action, and you will enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals, slash your grocery bill, and build food security into your life.

The ability to make delicious food out of basic ingredients is a skill that will enrich every single day of the rest of your life. Develop the skills and confidence to cook hearty, satisfying family meals from your preps, “if times get tough, or even if they don’t,” as Jack Spirko says.


You qualify for an even bigger course discount. Please check your MSB member discount section in the coming days. If you don’t see it there, just email me: keith [at] harvesteating [dot] com
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