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My DIY Magazine Dump Pouch/Field Bag


Patriot:Ex Machina:
Me and a friend were poking around the local Army surplus store a few months back and found some cheap M40 gas mask bags and thought they might be modified into a carry bag for rifle magazines or various other uses. My friend has a pretty heavy duty sewing machine and he's got quite the knack for modification.
The bag started out like this:

These bags have a pouch on the bottom of the bag as well as a side pouch that's just small enough that a pistol magazine will fit in. That pouch on the bottom is slightly cumbersome:

So me and my buddy decided the pouch should be removed from the bottom, and re located on the front of the bag right in front of the flap:

My buddy added some triangle rings on the back so a strap could be added, but he decided on a better idea.

He removed the triangle rings and added quick disconnects along with belt loops for alternate carry:

We added the strap, and then tried it out. I found that the with a full load in the bag, the velcro seemed to pull loose since it didn't go all the way to the top of the bag. So we added a second line of velcro inside.

Inside the bag, the pouches were perfect for AK mags, but it could use some extra ones on the sides, so he added two pouches:

We were pretty much done from there:

It sets well on my side, works well with AK mags and pistol mags, you can stick a MRE or first aid kit in it as a supplement to you primary Bug Out Bag, and it's's not too "mall ninja" looking.

We did decide that if you are running with it on your side, and you've got it loaded down, it tended to swing back and forth and on a few occasions, it would slap my in my junk. Which is quite painful as you can imagine. So he added a side strap that goes around the body and draws the bag closer to you so theres not as much swinging. He also added a shoulder pad in the strap that works well.

I have to hand it to my buddy, he has some good ideas. I hope you guys like it. I know I do.

The Wilderness:
Nicely done! Excellent job and great pictures.


Patriot:Ex Machina:

--- Quote from: The Wilderness on October 28, 2008, 08:55:31 PM ---Nicely done! Excellent job and great pictures.


--- End quote ---
Well, thank you sir. I can't take full i said, my buddy did a lot of the mods, but it was a collective effort.
That's a thing many folks need to learn. You don't need to run out and drop 200 bucks on a piece of gear if you really can't afford it. Be creative, and you'd be surprised at what you can construct for yourself.

Nice collaborative effort Patriot. Looks good to boot. :)

Mr. Blank:
Play some Skynard MAN!!  ;)


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