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Staple products found in our childhood kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc

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     Mom had a round tin "push-up" applicator of "Almond Stick" (I think that's the name). It was a waxy stick of some kind of solidified almond oil and it was used to hide scratches on furniture. It was a neutral color and worked on any wood from light to dark. She also used "Old English" furniture polish. It was an oily liquid that hid scratches as well. It is still sold and I've used it with 0000 steel wool to freshen an antique wood surface (my Victrola) that I don't really want to strip the finish.

   Next to the laundry tubs, in the basement, my Dad had a can of "4U" hand soap. It was about the size of a coffee can with a green labels. It was a soft paste soap, with some grit and it would clean anything off of your hands (this was well before GOOP). Booze was also used as a medicinal in our house hold. Brandy was always mixed in hot tea with lemon and honey for a chest cold. Blackberry Brandy was for stomach cramps and diarrhea. Whiskey was held in the mouth against an aching tooth for pain relief and also rubbed on the gums of teething infants.


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Picturing in my mind what was on the shelves, here's what I can recall off the top of my head:

* Whatever was left over from the previous year's seed, tucked safely away from mice, in a round tobacco tin
* Tin of Corona salve
* Quart jar full of water with broken up cigarettes in it (odd, I know, but it was something about the tobacco keeping slugs at bay I think)
* Jute
* Hessian (burlap) bags
* Bushel baskets (most were of thin wood strips and didn't last many gardening seasons)
* Bark-a-roll tree trunk protection
* Epsom salts for magnesium deficiencies in veg
* Kerite (Karite?) grafting tape
* Blood, fish and bonemeal
* Bucket of hard wood ash
* Transplantone (sp?) rooting powder
* A bucket of used motor oil soaked sand for keeping shovels and other garden tools rust free
* Black Flag insecticide dust sprayer
* and a gallon bottle of liquid DDT  :o
* And when cleaning out grand dad's garage, found a bottle of lead arsenate that was once used for spraying the fruit trees  :o :o
While most of the items are safe to use in organic gardens today, the last three are hardly conducive for safe fruit and veg, eh?  But that's how we grew up and at least we KNEW what was being sprayed and dusted on things, because even big ag at the time was using pretty much the same products.  Yes, those items sound quite toxic, and they are.  But we really don't know what all is being used in the growing of conventional fruit and veg of today, and if we did, we might find that it may not be any better (and could actually even be much worse) than yesteryear when it comes down to the toxicology aspects. 

And in the kitchen, in addition to many of the items previously mentioned by others, there was usually a bottle of brasso for cleaning brass and copper pots/pans.   

Very good list of things. I remember a lot of them. Two others I remember are corn huskers lotion and carter's little liver pills.

In our workshop area, Dad always had a big pail of machine grease. Similar in size to a 5-gal pail, but I think it was bought by weight. We used it for greasing the bearings on the tractors and other machinery.

I suppose the modern cartridges are neater, though.


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