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A Rough Carpentry Toolkit

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+1 !! Good Job! Great List.

-- Jeremy

Welcome aboard Red Dog & nice post.

I'm not much of a carpenter & this list will go a long way towards getting my basics purchased.

Pretty fair hand tool list. As a construction worker I can attest to the fact that you will find that it covers pretty much all of your basic needs. Plus you can pick up most of it at garage sales which will bring the price down making it even more attractive.

I woulsd add a couple of items thougjh. At least I didn't see them listed.

A good tool belt.

One with a real buckle not the web based belts. The web belts are a pain to readjust to fit your different clothing needs and the bags ride too high.

Also a set of quality suspenders for the tool bag. They will make wearing the bag a LOT more comfortable and convient. Save a lot of wear and tear on your back and hips as well.


--- Quote ---A good tool belt.
--- End quote ---

Funny.  I have most of what Red dog listed, but no friggin tool belt. :-[

Lawyerman had a good idea, add come alongs and a hi lift...


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