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Shelter is one of the basic needs in an emergency. It can be as simple as a tarp and some rope, or as complex as a moterhome. I found these two kits for building a storage shed and barn at Northern Tool.

While these do not include the lumber to build them, they would be quite handy for erecting a needed shelter if the lumber was available. I have found a good amount of free lumber over the years of all sizes. If a sheltered pile of good sized pieces were laid aside, they could be used with these kits to make a good shelter or two in a short period of time.

I had thought of using a 10x20' shed as a shelter for myself and tools while building a permenant cabin or home. This would let me pay for the property outright, and improve the property as funds would allow.
It would give me a place to store the tools when I was away, and a sheltered place to stay when I was there working. Oh yes, much, much better than a tent, and cheaper than a trailer.
Plus, when you are done with the cabin or home, and finally move in, you still have a good storage shed or barn.  ;D

those would make it easier than all the darn cutting

Just in time! I am hopping to starting my shed on the 1st.


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