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Multi-use containers


I have some containers that I use for some things other than what they were originally intended. I'd like to share some of them with you and ask any of you that have some along the same lines,or even something completely different, share yours with us also.

The first is a flashlight set that came as a Y2K prep item. It is a set of three different lights, a flashlight, flashlight/table light combo, and a lantern type.
They all use a common battery size of the D cells. The Lights as well as the batteries ( which were included ) sat in a couple of molded trays, and fit inside a red, medium size plastic tackle box ( but without any type of individual compartments for tackle )to keep it all together. I got some for family members as well as one for myself, and the one that I had for my Grandmother, has made it's way back to me, so I have two now.
There was a small cardstock instruction sheet that went along with them, and it mentioned that you could keep it all together in the box, or use the box to store other emergency supplies. The one from Grandma is going to be made into a large first-aid kit, as I buy a bit of bandages and other things as my funds permit.

Another is a set of small plastic cases with adjustable or fixed divided compartments. These are great for small spare parts kits, but they can also be used for small specialized tool kits as well.
As an example.......Gunsmith tools, leather working, small detail tool kits, repair kits, etc;

And speaking of small parts and tools, one of my favorite ones of all time, is a Large tackle box for keeping different cleaning kits, spare parts, tools, and chemicals organized and in one place for all my different firearms.
So what about you folks ? Got some other good ones to add ?  Unlike our government agencies, we ARE here to help others.

I get th 50 cal  ammo cans from cheaper than for $7 each. The work great.

With all the business closures, 7 gallon office trash cans make great containers for gardening.


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