Author Topic: Get to see the farm where 'Food Production Systems" was filmed - Central Texas  (Read 5976 times)

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Turn Your Backyard Into An Organic Food Producing Machine
This is a rare opportunity to get a workshop on the farm where the famous DVD "Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm" was researched and filmed.  November 7, 2010 2-6pm  Join us on-farm to learn about growing food in your backyard.  This workshop is for those who have seen the DVD and would like to experience the farm firsthand, gain deeper insights into sustainable food production systems, and see how various projects have progressed.

Only $50 per adult for the afternoon.  Well behaved children under 15 are free.  There is an open schedule with lots of time between to ask questions, network, and enjoy the farm.  Being on-site will teach you more than you can get in a video.  Bring a potluck item of healthy finger food to share and to snack on during the day.  And BYOB. 

    * 2pm:  Water Systems - rainwater, gray water, wells, and ponds
    * 3pm:  Garden and Rabbitry - winter veggies, leuceana (if we haven't had a freeze yet), rabbits, soil building, and more.
    * 4pm:  Edible Landscaping and Forest Garden - perennials are Marjory's passion and come hear the joys and mis-haps in creating a perennial food shed.
    * 5pm:  Trade Blanket - This is so much fun for all ages.  And surprisingly educational.

 Bring an item or two related to sustainable living to trade - the more interesting or unusual the better!  Seeds, tools, books, whatever - surprise us.  This is an especially useful method of exchange to know about for when money doesn't work anymore. The farm is located about 50 miles SE of Austin.  Click below to register and for more information  Go to the workshops tab.

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This sounds like a lot of fun... wish we lived close enough to do this!