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One of my favorite sites for helping with sales and coupon match-ups is Even though I don't live in that region, the national store ads and many of the local newspaper coupons still work.

All these years after I first began couponing, I still have a cabinet full of toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, shampoos... etc., etc. Many of these products I got for nearly free.

Good luck, Captain Obvious.

Saw it and could not agree more.  Apparently also I am very near the mecca of couponing geographically.

@linjiawen: Glad to hear it...

Truly, once you figure out the system at the various stores that are in your region, you can combine sales, store coupons, Ibotta, etc. to save a boatload on things you would use anyway.

Still, I find the store "loss-leaders" are still the biggest source of my food savings. I don't take the weekend paper for the coupons (just find it too tedious to clip and store coupons at this point). If the coupons are not downloadable and printable as I'm making my shopping list, I don't bother (I know that I could do better if I would, but time for it is just not there). Still, I customarily save about 50% on things by buying in bulk when items go on special. I suppose I would never qualify as an extreme couponer, but I know that I have saved our family a lot over the years by being a frugal shopper.

By the way... finding a good regional couponing website is very helpful... the best I found in my moves around the US was Highly recommend.

I was reminded of how things have changed in the couponing world when I saw Billie's comment about couponing on the book thread...

When I first started to coupon, trying to go through the learning curve, I also made sure to get the Sunday paper with all the coupons, etc. I had a big accordian filing system for sorting coupons, etc.

I don't do that at all anymore... instead, I rely on sites such as and the stores' websites to find the weekly specials. You can also jump into some of the electronic couponing if you are so inclined (such as ibotta and others). But personally, if I cannot download a coupon and print it when I plan to actually use it, I don't bother with it at all...

Granted, you could save more than by this method, but I simply don't have the time or interest. This works pretty well for me on lots of personal care items, as well as taking advantage of the "loss leaders" at the local grocery stores...


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