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Radio review County Comm GP5 vs. Tecsun PL 660


I have had the County Comm GP5 for two years now and picked up the Tecsun PL 660 a few weeks ago. For two years now I've used the GP5 on top of a cleared hill in the NC piedmont. I can't complain about the usability as I am well aware the GP5 is a very compact design. You do need to get used to jumping between the buttons and knobs though. especially if you are trying to use side band.  I usually use a 14 foot wire attached to the antenna. I honestly was getting bored with using it as I wasn't hearing that much. The Ham conversations were often hard to keep up with. Then I purchased the Tecsun PL660. Within ten minutes I was dialing in SSB Hams / Short Wave stations that I could not hear from the GP5. To be fair the 660 has a longer plug in 23 foot wire. I dialed in a net in the NJ NY PA Area that I can usually hear at night. I had a world of difference in clarity. Over the next few weeks I could easily dial in new shortwave stations and Ham contesting from the lower 48 and some South America country's. It has renewed my interest. Ergonomics are really easy on the PL 660. I have read a few reviews complaining about longevity but so far I'm happy with it. My original reason for the receiver was for information outside the normal corporate controlled media from across the U.S. when things Are not good. I believe this fills that void. The GP5 will now be the backup plan.

How good is the AGC on it? I find my GP5 is a bit loud when I transmit. I'm running about 1.9 watts with a transmit, receive switch.

There is no actual AGC button on the 660 and I can't speak for transmit but the receive has been more stable than the GP5. It could always be from current atmospheric conditions though. If I get the chance I will compare them at the same time.


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