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Hello; I hope this is the right forum for a seed storage question. A few years back, I bought a case (6 #10 cans) of nitrogen packed survival seeds at a rummage sale. There was no date on the labeling or list of contents, but for a buck a can I thought it was worth a shot. It was from a well known survival outfitter. I finally cracked one open this Spring (should have done it right away) and found that indeed there was a full garden worth of Northrup King seed. It was all marked for use in 1999! Of course, it was nitro packed for long term storage so I thought well, why not? The result was that not a single seed germinated. I wound up buying bedding plants and replanting the rest with fresh seed. Apparently 13 years was too long. I used to buy the next years seeds at the end of the planting season and just keep them in a jar until the following Spring. That way I had an emergency supply on the shelf and I never had any germination issues with that one year old seed. I'm going to start doing this again and I wondered if keeping the seed in a freezer might be a good idea. Any tips on safe seed storage for a one year period?

Too bad about the seeds, bcksknr...

I'm thinking the freezer storage year to year ought to work out just fine. We have a lot of very experienced seed savers here on the forum, so you'll probably get several comments about this question.

You may also want to check out the seed savers organization online. There are many who save and share seeds nationwide and many tips for saving your own seeds and storing them properly at their website.

Freezer works-

heat and moisture are what degrade viability of seed, that's not what you get in a freezer

I stored som e seeds in the freezer and got nearly 0% germination rate on my seeds. I now use the fridge instead.


--- Quote from: bcksknr on June 17, 2012, 05:42:47 PM ---Any tips on safe seed storage for a one year period?

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Keep them cold, keep them dry, keep them dark. All the things against of they want in order to grow.

I keep mine in a waterproof container. Never plastic, in glass if needed, usually in paper envelopes. Where it is dark, low humidity. I have seed that lasts YEARS!



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