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Shortwave Radio Broadcasts?


Shortwave Radio Broadcasts?

I picked up a GP-4L FM/MW/SW 1-2 Clock, World Receiver with Flashlight from County Comm ( that now resides in my GHB.

I started to do a little research on shortwave and was *QUICKLY* overwhelmed at the amount of high-level information out there.  Naturally I can simply turn the dial and see what tunes in, but I was looking for something that might guide me towards a few credible frequencies to check out.  Like I said, I was overwhelmed with the amount of info out there.  Much of it was often for folks with much higher-end gear, too.

So, my question for my friends here is, in a SHTF situation, is there a particular source of information on the shortwave band that will be more trustworthy?  (I've seen the general lists of frequencies to check out, but aren't really familiar with them.)


First, definitely take a look at, download and print the time and frequency lists from here:

This is the most in-depth schedule for shortwave that I have found out there.

As far as credible sources, in my opinion, you will just have to spin the dial and checkout what is out there.  There are lots of different countries broadcasting and each news source could potentially put their own spin on things.  I have personally listened to news programs out of Russia, Cuba, Romania, China, Hong Kong (or something like that one night), US, etc.  But, the news programs that I have listened to seem to be pretty decent about reporting the facts as they are with little to no interjected opinion or commentary.  Even the Cuban and Chinese news programs that I have listened to were fine.

In a true SHTF, your best bet is to spin the dial and see who is even reporting! 

Also, I am assuming you have a telescopic antenna on your receiver.  For added reception, take a piece of 30-100+ foot speaker wire (can be any wire for that matter) and string it around a room.  It can be at ceiling height (for best reception) or even tucked under your floor molding.  Then just wrap a stripped end of the wire around the end of your receiver's antenna.  This should greatly increase your SW reception. 

HTH and have fun with it!


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+1 Excellent resource firetoad, thanks for posting this.

Yes, +1!  Thanks.  Now to wade through all of that and see what I can find on the airwaves!

Thanks, again!


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