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Austin, Texas bombings

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You might be right about crime being down where you live. But every night when I turn on the tv where I live the first 15 minutes of news is who killed who. At least 2 to 3 murders everyday here and or attempted murders. Not to mention car break ins, robberies etc. I am stuck in between at least 2 cities where the murders take place every night. It has been slowly working up to where I am starting with car break ins and store robberies so far. So yes I do say here we need to be watchful

1 hr ago:

Another explosion in Austin, not sure if it is related to the 3 others yet. 2 injured.

APD responding to Bomb. Hotshot call in the 4800 block of Dawn Song Dr. Two male patients transported with unknown injuries. Please avoid the area. Media staging area is 4635 SW Pkwy, corner of SW Pkwy and Boston Ln. APD PIO
7:16 PM - Mar 18, 2018


Apparently this one had a trip wire and was a "a different level of skill".  Two injured. 

--- Quote ---Police Chief Brian Manley also told ABC's "Good Morning America" that both men who were injured in Sunday night's explosion in the southwestern Austin neighborhood of Travis Country are white, unlike the victims in the three earlier attacks, who were black or Latino.
--- End quote ---

Gregg Yows:
Hey guys-

My old house is about a block from where the incident happened and I have been communicating with my friends and neighbors inside the area over the last 18 hours. Here are the highlights:


1.  "bomb" went off injuring 2 bicyclists about 8:00 last night in my old neighborhood "Travis Country". Rumors are it was disguised as a "For Sale" sign and was trip-wire activated. I'm guessing one of those info box things on for sale signs could have contained the shrapnel but no idea really. ATF is not letting out details of the device. 
3.  ATF came in and "locked down" 1600 homes in the hood including many of my friends and a guy from work.
4.  Lockdown continues over 16 hours later.
5.  ATF is going door-to-door searching cars, exterior of homes, and not saying much except they think the bomb was triggered by a trip wire.
7.  Travis Country is an upper-middle class neighborhood with homes from the 500K to 2M range in value.
8. Area looks like Ruby Ridge and Waco with all the trucks, FBI, ATF and first responders. Helicopters, etc...
9. Nobody died during this incident unlike the other bombings.

ATF is saying the reason for the lockdown was so that they could search the area in the daylight to make it "safe" for people. It has been light for 5 hours and folks are still being told to stay put.

That is all I know. I understand that this is a serial case now because of the other bombings in Austin...but honestly I don't think the ATF is doing themselves any favors with this massive show of force especially after I just finished watching Waco.

But...checking Jack's threat probability matrix, one could consider this a neighborhood-level event. If I had still been living there I would have had my preps ready to help my neighbors and probably not be affected assuming this ends quickly. Just another reason to prep.

Mr. Bill:
Thanks for that report, Gregg.  Hard to get that kind of info from the news stories.


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