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Austin, Texas bombings

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A pair of package explosions that left two people dead in Austin, Texas, over the past 10 days share similarities and authorities suspect they are connected, police said.

The latest incident occurred this  morning; the other on March 2. In both instances, a resident retrieved a package that blew up when it was opened.

Both packages were not delivered via any mail services and both homes are those of African Americans.

Police were responding to a 3rd  "reported explosion" Monday afternoon, but details have not been released yet.


Third bomb package deemed related to the other two.


Just saw this on news a little while ago. Things are getting bad when people stoop this low. I would say the devil is in the middle of it all. We have to be so careful of so much these days. So sad that it has come to this.

No one is pointing to hate crimes yet, but all of the people targeted are African-Americans.



--- Quote from: Applejack on March 12, 2018, 05:21:29 PM --- We have to be so careful of so much these days. So sad that it has come to this.

--- End quote ---
Do we really have to be so careful these days?

Murders are down from their height in the 90s. Police officers are dying in the line of duty much less than before (seriously, police LOD deaths peaked in the 70s), bombings in the US peaked in the 70s with some years having over a hundred. Crimes against children still exist but they did even in the halcyon days (Bath Massacre, the Moor Murders, etc)

We are more aware of the threats now, but that isn't the same as likelihood.

We should absolutely be aware and be ready, but we also should look realistically at probability.

But, as always,


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