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Amtrak wreck South Carolina 2-4-2018


Amtrak versus freighter train.
At least 70 people were injured and transported to local hospitals, Lexington County spokesman Harrison Cahill said. Injuries ranged from scratches to broken bones. 5,000 gallon fuel spilt.


Frugal Upstate:
There seem to be a lot of train accidents lately.  If I were they tinfoil hat wearing type I might come up with some nefarious suppositions. . .

For awhile, it was oil processing plants blowing up left and right. For awhile it was jet liners crashing in 3's

Have you walked any tracks lately? They are pretty wonky.


Was watching this on news today. This one was really bad. Prayers go out to all those injured that they will heal quickly.  And to any that was killed in the crash prayers to all the families of those people. It will be some tough weeks ahead for all of them.

Tyler Durden:
This one appears to be due to a switch left open while the signaling system is being upgraded. Whomever used the switch last, which appears to be a CSX crew, didn't line it back for the main line like they should have.


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