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romeo hotel:
My brother, sister and I are looking to get some lake property to serve as a family weekend spot as well as a bugout site.   Does anyone know a good resource for checking out lakes within 3 hours of DFW?

Thanks, Rick


dont mean to sound facetious, but i have been doing something similar and there are numerous sites.......;; etc. just search texas waterfront property and go from there!  ;) 

romeo hotel:
Thanks, I am looking for things that the Google won't help with, like someone's personal experiences.  Looking at listings from the Google or hearing radio spots on the Ticket can only get you so far.

I hear ya! My only other idea would be to visit the area you want to live in or look and see if they have a local paper and subscribe to it or at least get a copy and see if they have a classified section for land in the area.


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