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A Pawn:
I was wondering if anyone from Texas who knows anything about Texas water rights can enlighten me on something.

I was planning on having a backup water well drilled on my property and installing a handpump and/or possibly a solar subpump. Like they say, 'Two is one. One is none".

Well I've now been told that I will have to register my well with the State of Texas so they can "TAX" me for using my own water!!

If this is true is there anyway around it? You know how the politicians love Loop Holes!

Thanks for your help.  8)

I coudln't find any State "taxes" for water wells, but my google-fu may be lacking. It may be a county issue.

Found some stuff here:
The Handbook of Texas Online - Water Law

If what it says here is true, you only need a permit if you are diverting water from a river or stream.

Otherwise, it's up to the county or water conservation district.  Most likely, that is the case here.

A Pawn:
Thanks you guys...

Guest I'm going to have to find a 'State' employee...grrrr. They might even know something about it.

I'll let you know what I find out...


Texas is being divided up into Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCD). If a county (counties) don't form one they are going to be forced into a region. The question for these regions is how to tax and fund them.

For you (and me, I'm looking to drill another well) wanting to drill a new well is whether that well needs to be permitted at this time. If there is no permitting for you at this time then get it drilled as fast as you can just in case your shallow well is included into district regulations.

These districts, I think, will put a halt to a lot of subdivisions in rural areas as only so much water will be allowed to be pumped area/year.

Overall, I think this thing is going to be a pain in the ass. If you have several counties in a GCD, the most populated could control the district and all new water intensive business could go to that county. Dairying use to be big business where I live, I don't think it'll ever be revived once these new laws are enacted.


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