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This is my 12 year old nieces bag!

This is mine!  I have a long way to go, until I feel it is ready but again little steps.

First: Dunlop, I have that same pack (I have the US-Made version) in MOLLE Compatability, for my main BOB, its a great mid-range bag with MOLLE, but i'd only say basic without MOLLE. Is that the one from Tru-Spec?

Secondly, here are my BOB's first 2 pictures, some contents of my Bio./Chem. bag. I do not know the date on the filter but have tested the other filter against tear gas, it'll block out sulphur, and its rated as a NBC canister anyway, besides, its better then nothing. Finally is the vehicle evaq. box with food, some triage items (Im part of a CERT Team) and ect gear. My BoB does not currently have most of my sheltering gear in it other than a 8x10 tarp and about ten 3-mil 70gal contractor bags. Contents that I wish to release are listed below each picture. What do you think for my first BoB/Evaq stuff. Started "Survivalism" as one of my New Yr. Resoulutions (I have been an avid outdoorsman though so it's just prepping mostly for me).  May post contents at later date, or request if you are curious about anything. EOTW/SHTF that American Flag could possibly be a bad idea and I recognize that. I also have a packcover so it's not super obvious what Im carrying.

Paintball Pods/Holders are good for a lot of things, lightsticks in this case.

Here are some pics of my get home back or everyday carry items.

SGTB, how do you like that maxpedition versipack?  I just ordered one for my EDC/GHB.  I have read some great reviews so I hope I like the side carry.

Here is my ditch bag,  It's a little light on some items as we also have a separate cold weather bag and a BOV.

I get a little heavy on the food side but with my wife, it would make things easier. She has a paired down bag with just essentials, no stove, no fuel, no tinder/fire starter, no snares, small MREs just for her...

My list:

MSR Dragonfly multi fuel stove in pot
Full fuel bottle
stove repair kit
Water purifier
Matches (in waterproof container)
Brunton Helios lighter
First-aid kit (basic)
Safety blanket x2
Petzl Tikka XP head lamp
Para Cord 50'
Candle x3 with holder
Rope saw
folding saw
Fire starter
Fishing line and hooks
snares x2
Sewing kit
LED shake flashlight
Bivy sack with liner in dry bag
Hard candy
Leatherman Wave multi tool
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Dry food rations x4
Power bars x2
Copies of documents
Brunton Compass
Electrolyte drinks x 10
Wool socks in dry bag
Note pad/pencils/pens
pack towel
Rain poncho
Safety glasses
surveyers marking tape
nalgene bottles x2
MSR 3L hydration pack

I am hoping it will be ok for short walks and taking to the range ect

Here is my wifes GHB/SAR bag.  Just the basics with lots of room for more is needed.


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