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Sugar Addiction

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--- Quote from: GreatScot! on August 07, 2010, 12:21:28 PM ---Congrats Tamo42 on the weight loss. That's a battle I am facing. What is high quality animal fat? does this mean my rib eye off the grill is really OK. And seriously, where do my poppers and scotch fit into your diet?

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Thanks very much :). 

High quality animal fat, to me, means fats from animals that have grown up in an environment that they are well adapted to.  This is actually a pretty broad category.  Basically, if it's from a cow, did that cow live like cows are supposed to live?  If so, it should be great.  If it was stuck in a pen, standing in its own waste, and was fed a diet of 50% corn that a grass-eating mammal can't digest probably, then not so much.

I just got back from the market, and here's a sampling of what I got: wild shrimp, wild mackeral, uncured bacon from heritage-breed Berkshire hogs, cage-free chicken breast & drumsticks & sausage, grass-fed bison steak & ground (beef would be fine, but bison tastes better to me), and my experiment of the week is goat stew meat.  A nice fatty ribeye would absolutely be OK to me.  Sometimes I'll get a nice fat piece of lamb shoulder.  Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers sound pretty tasty too.  Personally, I don't eat much dairy if you are stuffing them with cheese.  It's the very sad price I pay for being lactose intolerant.

BTW, I also fry everything in my rendered Berkshire lard or bacon grease.

Tommy Jefferson:

--- Quote from: Heavy G on August 07, 2010, 01:05:44 PM ---Splenda is your friend.
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Sorry, no.  It's not.

The idea is to break the addiction to sweetness in order to allow the person's sense of taste to return to normal.

Artificial sweeteners prolong the addiction and prevent recovery.   It's like a Heroin addict switching to Methadone.  They still aren't free.  They still haven't become normal.


--- Quote from: Heavy G on August 07, 2010, 01:05:44 PM ---Splenda is your friend.  Tons of foods come "No Sugar Added."  It's relatively easy to find food that doesn't have sugar added.

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Artificial sweeteners give me a raging headache... so I have to either do the real sugar thing, or no sweetness at all :) I do occasionally test it out, but it was still the same last time I tried a diet soda. Happily, I can do quite well without soda at all, so no great loss. It seems far harder to do without all the homemade sweet things...


--- Quote from: Hare of Caerbannog on December 29, 2009, 03:29:15 PM ---I was a heavy sugar hog.
Two or three giant sodas every day. Doughnuts at work. A candy bar almost every afternoon.
Then I had a head injury and I went over a year with headaches, irritable, listless, plus an almost complete loss of appetite. When I came out of that crazy tunnel I found I had not only lost my desire for sweet stuff, I'm somewhat repelled by it.

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I'm all about getting away from sugar... okay, I'm about 90% with you guys on getting away from sugar ;D 

BUT... I sure hope I don't have to go through THAT to get there!


--- Quote from: Cool Blue on January 06, 2010, 11:25:10 AM ---That's also why skin infections in diabetics are so dangerous.  The high level of sugar in their cells causes bacteria to grow like crazy.

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My dad has Type 2 diabetes - he got a MRSA infection in his finger last year. When he was admitted, his sugar was at 600 and his A1C was 16. If you know what those numbers mean, you already know he was in bad shape. He's now fine and back down to 6-7 with medication. He did leave 1/2 the finger at the hospital (amputation).


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