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Help troubleshooting an Incuview Incubator


Bought an Incuview for Incubator Warehouse.  Ordered eggs and they are arriving today. 

Last night I started up the incubator as recommended to let everything stabilize (I haven't had it long and this is the first time it's being used.)  Everything seemed to come on per directions, fan started, warmed up to 99.5 as expected, so I left it overnight. 

This morning I went to check on it and the incubator is at room temp.  No indication that it has moved the egg turner.  The display screen is on and measuring temperature and all functions on the control board seem to match the directions, but it's not DOING anything.  I've tried unplugging and re-pluggin into the wall; I've tried restoring factory defaults.  Looked for loose wires etc and didn't see anything obvious.  I've also tried calling incubator warehouse but they are not open until Monday.

Has anyone else seen problems with these things?  Any recommendations on how to fix or some nuance of getting this thing started that I could be overlooking? 

Update --

(1) I decided that I didn't want to wait 5-7 days before starting the eggs in incubation since I figure they were already a week old due to shipping etc.  So solution was a seedling heat mat under the incubator and an infrared reptile heat emitter above it.  Takes occasional tweaking, but it is keeping the eggs between 97 and 101, so hopefully that will work.  Having to turn them manually.

(2) Today was my first opportunity to call Incubator Warehouse about the defective item.  I talked to a real person; he already knew about my issue based on a web-crawler's scan of this forum.  He agreed that I have a problem unit and is expediting me a new lid and controller today.  I am making the assumption that I just had a defective item -- it happens.  Incubator Warehouse did everything right in terms of customer service and making this right. 

 :clap: That sounds like GREAT SUPPORT for the product.


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