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What knife are you carrying now?

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Polar Bear:
Right now, for me, it's a light blue Opinel 7.  Slow to open, but with a sweet blade and a great locking system that won't slip shut.

Alan Georges:
Right now, sitting around in pajamas, a Gerber Paraframe:
Inexpensive, functional, and if it comes to, highly replaceable.

Mr. Bill:
I have a Leatherman Squirt PS4 with its mighty 1½" blade. 8)

David in MN:
Depends. Right now...

Around the house Stanley 99E or the Milwaukee flip open box cutter.

Out and about Victorinox Outrider. No better combination has been made. It is the urban/suburban carry.

Something tactical? SOG Trident. Just works. A friend got me to try the CRKT M212-14SF and while I like it in use it's clunky and tarnishes easy.

Yardwork is a Mora II. I just don't care about it...

Old Timer


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