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Will ducks walk/climb up a ramp to get into a coop?

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I have a flock of 27 ducks that are gonna need to be moved into a permanent house.  Thinking about trading a buddy for a trailer frame he has, and building a coop on the trailer so it's more mobile.  The one problem I'm having it that the coop would be about 12-18 inches high, and I know chickens don't care about that, but I have never seen a duck house that sat that high up.  Not sure if it's just that no one has built a duck house that high, or ducks will just choose not to walk up a ramp like that and just lay under the trailer.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts or experiences?

The only real difference between a duck foot and a chicken foot is the webbing, which wouldn't prevent them from climbing your incline.  The problem in my experience is simply getting them to use it since ducks don't roost at night.

Yep I agree with Nelson, ducks will have no problem going up a ramp. Getting them to come back home however is a pain compared to chickens who do it naturally. Of course if they are fenced in with the house that won't be a problem.

Feed at night.


Have 10 new ducks and I have placed their duck house along the side of the barn.  Then when it's getting dark I herd them over to the side of the barn and just herd them into the duck house.  The door is right along the wall so it works easy enough for one person.  If the duck house was in the middle of the enclosure it would be much harder as they could go any which way.  I'm going to raise it up a little more before winter and will use a ramp with a slight incline.  They don't seem to mind a ramp as long as they have traction.


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