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$5 solar oven wins $75000 green innovation award

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I read about this online and decided to give it a try.

It worked great. I was able to maintain 200 degrees F all day long. I used it like a crockpot and it worked well. I am looking forward to creating an entire meal using the solar oven. The most expensive part of the solar oven for me was the 18x20 inch piece of Plexiglas that I used for the top. I was very  impressed by the design. I used a 2x4 under the box to angle the oven to the sun.

I am now looking for ways to improve the solar oven for higher temperatures and heat retention. But, I do have to say for my first attempt at a solar oven, the design worked well and I was able to successfully cook food.

Being able to create this oven can be a really useful skill in times where fuel is short or when I just don't want to heat up the house or where camp fires are prohibited.

Wonder if anyone has build a home made solar oven using something more permanent than cardboard. I wondered if old microwave ovens would work?  I'm not knowledgeable enough to weld a metal box, but I'd like something that will last.  The steam and heat from cooking deteriorate the cardboard.  My primary purpose would be to save it for a SHTF situation.  Eventually cardboard will wear out.

I know you can order one from a charity that uses its profits to finance supplying these oven in 3 world countries.  It would be nice however, not to have to spend several hundred dollars.

Any suggestions for using something recycled buy long lasting?

A Pawn:

--- Quote from: Archer on April 10, 2009, 12:04:22 PM ---You are close to what I see.
What I plan to do:
-paint outer box black
-put foil on the outer box lids and work out some support to keep them at a good angle
-put newspaper or something between the outer and inner box
-paint inside and outside of inner box black
-i have a sheet of plexiglass i picked up off of freecycle i'll cut a piece for so that it covers the inside of the outer box

--- End quote --- might want to rethink the plexiglass. I know that the solar oven is a low heat type cooker, but plexiglass only has a "continuous service temperature" of 180-200 degrees F so you might want to be aware of that....Above that it will soften and lose its shape.

Plexiglass may be great for a solar dehydrator though and is very good for a cold and hot boxs for starting plants and such...  8)

This just in from CNN . . . .

The House of Representatives has just introduced a bill that would levy a special consumption tax on cardboard boxes used as solar ovens. The new tax i, if passed, will take effect immediately . . .

Just joking - for now.  ::)  :'(  >:(

 Could you use sheet metal or flattened aluminum cans instead of foil if you're the sort who leans towards longevity??  ;D


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