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After clicking the "Find Similar Members" button - I found many people wanting to learn fiber arts or expand their skills in this area.   Perhaps we can support and encourage each other?

I'm familiar with quite a few of the fiber arts (spinning on a wheel and spindle, some fiber prep, tablet weaving, a bit of weaving on a floor loom (used to have one), knitting, nalbinding (a pre-knitting yarn craft), crochet, a bit of sewing (machine and hand sewing), some embroidery, and some dyeing) and am willing to help where I can.   Any one else interested in helping out this way?  Anyone needing help right now as you work on your skills?

Cedar <----- Fiber Junkie

Nice to meet you Cedar!  What fiber arts are your faves?  Anything you haven't tried yet in fiber arts?

I am also a fiber junky with a lanolin allergy.  No Wool, alpaca, cashmere or other animal fibers for me :'(   

I do a lot of sewing and I am learning to crochet.  I will be getting knitting lessons form a friend or two.  I would love to be able to make silk or silk blend sweaters since I can't find any in a style I like in a price that isn't ridiculous. 

Ok I used to crochet and a teeny bit of knitting.. Why is it in crochet that I cannot seem to change thread colors anymore.  Anyone have a good easy link to show me? 


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