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Please help me pick an airsoft pistol (Glock 17 form factor)

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FWIW: I have the G18c (  I bought it to match my G17...which, with the exception of the select fire lever, it's identical in looks and feel (and full auto is just damn fun). I left the orange markings on it for good reason. Pick it up with a mag in it and you have to think's that close to the real thing.  I use it for "dry-fire" exercises both inside (garage) and outside. Pellets have enough force to penetrate cardboard, so you get good feedback at close ranges. While the blow-back force isn't nearly as much as live rounds, it's realistic enough.

Gas shouldn't be an issue because you gas up the magazine, not the weapon. Unless the training includes loading magazines "live", you can just top off the gas when you reload the mag. Pop in a new mag, you have new gas.

I wouldn't be dropping the mags too often on hard surfaces, though. They are not as stout as the real thing.

Bringing back a dead thread.
 I have just purchased a Glock 19 airsoft gun that is made by We. I had been trying, very unsuccessful I might add, to get an advantage arms .22 conversion kit for my Glock 19 for training purposes.

Started looking at glock replicas in the airsoft world and recently came across at

So for 99 bucks I figured Id give it a shot. Also got the propane conversion piece. Pleasantly surprised. It weighs about 5 oz shy of my loaded Glock 19 (29.7 oz)  the WE Glock 19 (24.1 OZ). Minor adjustment had to be mad to my holster, but it is an exact fit.(The extra barrel length comes from the Orange saftey tip---about 1/4 of an inch.

Been shooting and running drills inside for about a week now and this thing rocks. Sights are pretty accurate at close range, but the further out you get (past 25 yrds or so) the airsoft bb's start doing some crazy curve-ball type trajectories.

Glock 19 at airsplat

They also have the 17 in stock


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