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Car Emergency Kit

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Cool kit, good job!!

One other suggestion I learned this weekend is if you put a rolling suitcase as your emergency kit, then if you had to leave the car it's much easier for us ladies to roll with it than to carry it along.  I've also found extra ones in yard sales cheap to use to make up bug out bags for the kids with. 

I keep a 12 volt combination jump starter, air compressor, LED light, with a 12 volt "cigarette" lighter power outlet unit in all my vehicles. It has come in handy many times. Mine has the ability to charge the car battery from the vehicles cigarette lighter.
The ability to bring it into the house for use as a 12 volt power supply to charge cell phones, MP3 players, PDA's and even run a laptop or radio using a small inverter.

The peace of mind that these devices offer makes them a must have for me.

Good point, in my wife's car I keep an inverter.  She is asthmatic and sometimes needs a nebulizer, so I've actually had the inverter for years and years so that if the power goes out she can take her medication.  The nice thing is, it will also charge a cell phone, run a laptop, radio, etc.

If space is an issue, keeping a roll of duct tape is kind of wasteful. Wrap it around a small piece of card board, and  you've got a few meters in the form of a credit card (and a lot more useful than a credit card...).  Got one in my back pocket, and combined with pocket knife easily the most appreciated prep gear for my wife (everyday uses plentiful!)

Depending on where you live: a shovel and sand/salt for snow.

Great kit, btw!


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