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Our new home has wasps everywhere, possibly even in our vents.  Anyone know a natural repellent? 

This time of year? 

More info might help generate replies.

Where are you located?

What type of wasps, the paper nest builders or the "dirt dobbers" or ?

What are the vents you are referring to?

When we first moved into our house, it was filled with ladybugs.  Dead ladybugs, live ladybugs, ladybugs that appeared first one, then the other... it was crazy.  We just kept shoveling them outside and eventually, the problem solved itself.  Of course, ladybugs don't sting, at at worst, are a minor irritant (and at best a handy insect predator!) so perhaps it's not the most useful advice...

Is your home new, or just new to you?

Resisting urge to make off-color Asian jokes . . . . :-X  :-X  :-X

umm, not natural.  Bug Boom the house and caulk the vents and any holes you see in the eaves.


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