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ATF seizes airsoft rifles, says they can be converted to machine guns

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This is stupid beyond belief. anyone can convert an AR-15 to full auto easier than using airsoft, we don't
because it is illegal, not because we can't get or make the parts.

There is nothing magic about machine gun parts, it is really easy to make an open bolt full auto firearm, you
only need a trigger to let the bolt go forward or stop it. You don't even need a hammer, only a fixed firing pin.

I don't know the source but I agree with this:
BATFE should be a convience store not a government agency.


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Unfortunately I can't cite a source, so this only qualifies as rumor, but perhaps The Professor's notes above back it up.  I was under the impression that when the Japanese began the airsoft industry (recalling that private ownership of real firearms is basically outlawed) they intentionally made the devices slightly out-of-spec as compared to real firearms.  I know that some aftermarket items intended for real guns fit on their airsoft counterparts (scopes, lights, furniture, etc.), but I don't believe this is the case with regard to receivers, barrels, etc. 

In any case, the original story is clearly an example of an ATF agent choosing to go for the low-hanging fruit rather than doing the job We The People actually hired him to do.  All to often it seems that they pick on 'regular' citizens because it's far too hard and far too scary to go after the criminals who truly threaten society.

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I addressed this topic and more in a commentary found here:


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