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I wanted to take a moment and say thanks to both Jack for point the way and to the folks with Backyard Food Production. It is a great video and not only did I have a great time watching it, but it inspired me and my family to act on many of the plans we have had and put off. As well as gave us a great number of additional plans. Not to mention it has great rewatchablity

If any of you that might be reading this that have not yet purchased this video, do so.  you will not regret it.

I have had the video for a while now and I cannot even say how many times I have watched it.  Thanks once again. You r video has already improved my families life and the future holds many more thanks to your video

Just wanted to let you know.  I got your DVD shortly after Jack first mentioned it how ever long ago that was.  I have watched it many times over the years but not for a while.  The other day I was I dug it out and showed it to my cousin who is starting to develop 20 acres that he bought awhile ago but isn't sure exactly what he what he wants to do with.  Anyway after all the views and so long I found I was just as fascinated and inspired as when I first got it.  Just wanted to shoot you another thanks and would love a sequel to add to the collection!!!


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