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Got the dvd!

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All I can say is  What a great spark/fire and boost in confidence.  I ordered after the first mention of this product--thanks for the mention(Jack) and hard work to produce this dvd + documents!

So many products and services are great, but this is a path to true sustainability.

Marjory and family - thanks for supporting TSP, in return we will support you!

I just ordered the DVD, and look forward to watching it upon arrival.

Agreed!  I don't get blown away easily by stuff.  After all the study, research, etc it is rare that I just go, holly crap, oh wow, why didn't I think of that, several times in a new DVD.  I bought almost every DVDI could get my hands on about permaculture and most is out of Australia so I paid more in shipping then for the product!  Absolutely NOTHING beats this.  Nothing I have seen anyway.  There are better "A/V productions" and more polished productions but as for things I can actually use, as for understanding exactly what to do.  This is the best I have seen thus far. 

I ordered it and got it last night. I plan on sitting down and watching this Sunday!!! I cant wait.
Sounds and looks great!

I ordered mine last week, it came a couple days later.  Now I have to wait until Christmas for one of the kids to give it to me.


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