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Title: I don't know jack about
Post by: dragonart on October 15, 2008, 01:14:10 PM
I'm wanting to someday build my own solar electric system, piece-by-piece (using eBay or other sources) because it's the only way I can afford it.

But I don't know anything about it, how to hook it up, what I'll need, etc.

We use about 1200 KWH a month, so our electric bills aren't too bad.  Ultimately what I'd want is to get mostly or completely off supplied electricity from the electric company.

Any "experts" out there who can tell me what I'll need, what to look for, and if a general electrician would be able to hook it up / figure out the wiring and other bits and pieces of a system?
Title: Re: I don't know jack about
Post by: Mr. Blank on October 15, 2008, 02:23:26 PM
Hello, and welcome to the "shady" world of solar.  ;D
If you are looking to install an 1200KW system, you should seek a professional in your area. This size of a system will cost you A LOT of money. $30-50K easy.
Now...don't run off scared. :) If you want to start with an emergency system that will give you light when all others are in darkness, then you can do that for a few bucks. Solar is something you should ease into IMHO. It is a hands-on kind of thing. Check out my podcast on small solar/12 volt systems. There is a link in this section of the forum. It will give you some insight on the components and the basics of a system.

I have no qualification to speak on a larger system. My "expertise" comes from experience with small systems. My opinion is just that. :)


link to podcast ( save you the work of finding it. :)
Title: Re: I don't know jack about
Post by: Lowdown3 on November 03, 2008, 02:52:16 PM

Youtube video series showing a medium and a small sized system. The small sized system you can put together for around $2,000.

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Title: Re: I don't know jack about
Post by: Foxy Huntress on February 01, 2009, 04:20:21 PM
(http://)We got our complete solar unit from the pages of "Country side" magizine.  You will find an ad where the unit is on wheels if you choose.  Good ideal due to the fact it can't be can take it with you!  It is custom built for whatever your load is.   We are TOTALLY off grid & you can find us on you tube:  HHF off the grid.   It cost a bit...but it is paying for itself just by not having a bill.  start small & add more battries as you go....I'm a female & i can do can you. ;)  Foxy Huntress
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