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AR-15 DIY Build Thread

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Sleep?  Why? It isn't needed....promise. ;)

Pretty much all the same.  Some differences in machining, but usually cast/stamped by the normal few.  I'm sure someone out there can prove one is better, but they all work for their intended purpose.

Compare just about all AR and AR parts manufacturers to automobiles:
LaRue, POF, Wilson = Rolls Royce, Lamborgini, Bentley
Bushmaster, Olympic, Vulcan = Yugo, Fiat, Fit

but, they all have 4 wheels, all move under their own power, and all take gas to operate and if you're in their way at the wrong time.....they'll all kill you.  What you get is a difference in performance, fit, and to an extent a name tag attached.  Build your own, see if it's right for you, THEN consider the more expensive stuff. I'm happy with building my own, tuning until I'm Happy.  Some folks like brand names, even though they're capable of doing the work themselves. Some folks just buy things for the name tag....that's sure not me.  I'd take my M4-gery builds up against any currently commercial built long as they supply the ammo.

 I'm happy with a 2001 Tracker and an 05 Kawasaki Concours.  My wife JUST HAD TO HAVE a new Jeep Liberty...absolutely needed NEW. Different tastes for different people. 

This is shaping up to be a good thread.  It looks like some of you have quite a lot of experience with the AR system, that's good because I don't & I'd like to.

Anybody care to do a build-a-long? 

SwampMonster, jeremya if it's okay with you I'm going to pin this one to the top with the hope we can build our own database of AR information, tips, tricks & hopefully some builds as well.

Maybe not experience, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Excess last night.

I'd say more like success, and still having most of my original fingers and all 3 eyes.

I would do a build a long but I am broke at the moment. I am going to be doing this as I can and posting as I go.

FYI: I am thinking Stag LPK. MagPul CTR Stock. MagPul MIAD grip.

I went Stag LPK. I thought about the one with the ambi select, but I decided against it.

I have some punches. I am curious are there any special tools? The punches I have came with my Bushmaster survival spare parts kit.


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