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My doorbell rang at 1AM this morning

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To avoid the clickbait - ultimately nothing happened but I wanted to share the story.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I was watching YouTube and the doorbell rings. It's 1AM and there is no reason it should ring. I look through the peephole and see a man, out front. Picture grandpa in a fishing hat, socks and sandals, and a surgical mask and that's what I'm looking at. My dog already barked and I quieted him down but I assume the person outside heard him. I kept staring through the peephole to watch what would happen and then he rang the doorbell again. Even in daylight hours I do not open my door unless I'm expecting you or you're delivering a package.

At that point my wife came down stairs so I had her watch him while I run upstairs and grabbed my pistol. Back downstairs he was still at the door so I continued to watch. His body language didn't seem hostile or menacing, more like he was just waiting. Eventually he moved back and stood at the corner of my garage and I moved to the window to watch him. I looked around and didn't see anyone else with him. My wife was saying to call 911 but I wanted to wait since I didn't sense any hostility. The man started looking at my house number and a piece of paper in his hands and at this point his body language seemed to indicate confusion, like when you're checking a map but can't quite figure out where you are.

After a couple minutes of that he got in his car (that he'd backed into my driveway) and took off very quickly. In my area there are several houses with my exact number but different street names and I'm assuming he had the wrong street. Given the lack of hostile body language and the way the person was dressed (are you really going to invade a home in flip flops?) I'm glad I just held position and watched. I watched the road for 10-15 minutes but the car never came back and I didn't see anything else suspicious. Finally managed to fall asleep and here we are.

My adrenaline was up and it took me a while to calm down after that. I've never had someone knock on my door that late at night and it did shake me up a bit. While processing the events this morning I believe I would have been prepared to defend my family had the person had violent intentions. I'm glad we didn't call 911 because then I would have had to deal with an officer coming to my house for nothing late at night and I'd rather limit involvement with the police if I have a choice. I hope the guy found the house he was looking for, and I'm glad I had the tools and forethought to have considered this scenario before.

I'm glad you posted this as a reminder.  I tend to want to help people, but 1am.... yeah.   I need to think about proper responses and this is a good reminder

I wonder if he isnt fleeing from what ever other area he was at to a family or friends house, and as you say, got the wrong house. 

Your story reminded me, I tend to forget, that in my family home when I was young, something like this happened, but they guy was calling out for someone else knocking on the front door late at night.  Sounded normal until he wasn't.  My father did end up shooting him, purposely only in the leg, not what we recommend these days.  So, yeah, sometimes even someone sounding normal is "off" . 

I had an old guy with a cane knock on the door once and I opened the outer door enough to talk and noticed he had his cane in position to block the door from closing. Due to other hints I think that is what he had in mind but decided not to. Perhaps because he was expecting a weaker victim. I suggest keeping the pistol within a few steps of the door. We also have security cameras on both doors a very bright light for nighttime. Regardless of his circumstances, nobody is legitimate to knock on someone's door at that hour.

We had some neighborhood kids knocking on our walls at night and running off. They didn't expect that I would come dashing out the door and running down the street after them. I posted their photo online and within an hour the police called to say they had them.

I thought at first it might have been kids being kids and running off. I was a little taken aback when there was an adult outside the door.

If it wasn't clear in my OP I am glad that this ended up being nothing.

--- Quote from: mountainmoma on March 29, 2020, 12:25:11 PM ---I'm glad you posted this as a reminder.  I tend to want to help people, but 1am.... yeah.   I need to think about proper responses and this is a good reminder

--- End quote ---

I want to help people too, but sadly I've heard one too many stories of home invasions and I'm not about to risk that happening on my front door. Cameras are something that I've wanted for some time but haven't been able to pull the trigger on just yet.

People are squirrelly these days.

I have started looking harder at my neighborhood than before, and I am seeing more of it at different times than previously.  So maybe its just different eyes on my part.  Odd gatherings of people, sometimes it looks like an extended family reunion in front yards, like 12 people and 4 cars.  Also, my neighborhood is a bit older so there are some inter-generational houses where there are 4 cars there at night and three generations living under the roof, so their rhythms seem odd to my nuclear family expectations eyes.

I'm glad it turned out well Binkyhunter.  That is definitely odd.


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