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Rock Island Amory 22 TCM


Anyone own one of their handguns or rifles chambered in 22 TCM ?
From what I've seen, not the performance of a .223, but way better than .22 Magnum.
The Rock Island semi-auto pistol comes with two barrels, 22 TCM and 9 mm. Their rifle is a bolt gun and currently the only one available that I'm aware of.
While I'd much prefer a semi-auto rifle chambered in 22 TCM, having the ability of both pistol and rifle in the same caliber capable of taking small to mid-sized game and varmints out to over 200 yards is a plus. The pistol seems to be a viable self defense weapon as well.

Just checked that 40grain ballistics are on par with 22 Kornet, and benchmark varmint caliber

I saw that. I like the ballistics and price of the 22 TCM, but the lack of round development has me somewhat concerned.
I find myself still very interested in this round.


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