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African swine fever spreading, may kill 25% of world's pigs

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 This does happen, luckily the government is always there to help top it contrary to libertarians ideas about government :sarcasm:

Chinese criminals have been exploiting the country’s African swine fever crisis by intentionally spreading the disease to force farmers to sell their pigs for a low price before smuggling the meat and selling it on as healthy stock, state media has reported.
Sometimes the gangs spread rumours about the virus, which is fatal to pigs, but in more extreme cases they are using drones to drop infected items into farms, according to an investigation by the magazine China Comment, which is affiliated to state news agency Xinhua,
The disease has reduced the country’s pig herds by over 40 per cent because of mass culls designed to stop it spreading further.
The resulting shortages have seen pork prices more than double, providing opportunities for the criminals to exploit.

Had a brief Intel by a Vet that I used to work with. He and many others are now roaming northern Greece in a educating campaign.
The ASF is all over neighboring Bulgaria and measures have been taken to hinder the spread in our side.
Among them the forest rangers are turning a blind eye in excessive wild pig hunting, since they just walk through borders.
Vehicles (and soil) is a prime vector, and from my agronomist experience reusable packing crates are to be considered too (very often used between farming products trade between the two countries).
The virus' symptoms are easy to diagnose by anyone shown what to expect.
Of economic importance is that once there is a single incident in a flock/farm ALL pigs should be exterminated.
So that 25% is not strange at all.


 I am not assuming anything on this, it reminds me of the dire predictions of AIDS in the 1980's and other things. These so called "gangs" using drones to spread disease is also very odd. I would suspect rather it is likely to be the communist state itself.


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