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How to Sell a Gun

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Are there any forums, local or otherwise, that can facilitate face-to-face transactions or are online websites like the only option?  If online is the way to go, are there any sites that are better than others or do you have any tips for best practice in using them?  Thanks.

This doesn't answer your specific question but you may find it helpful.  I am hoping others chime in.

It depends, like most other things. Here in Texas, I can sell to an individual with no problem whatsoever. As Jack says, it's between me, the other party, and the fencepost. In some other states, you have to utilize an FFL to transfer ownership to another person. Check your state laws first. After that, sell it in whatever manner you are comfortable with. On the few occasions I've sold a firearm, I always start by asking around the gun guys I know if anyone is interested.

If there is any way to avoid it, NEVER sell to a pawn shop or most gun shops. They won't pay market value(or anywhere close to it most of the time). Be aware that with sites like gunbroker, you will have to pay a fee which reduces the amount you actually get.


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