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  There are several factors that determine recoil of a shotgun and 12 /16 / 20 gauge have little or nothing to do with it ...Weapon DESIGN and weight....WEIGHT OF SHOT LOAD and velocity ...the mind of the shooter all factor in....most game loads are near identical for 12-16-20 gauge and all other factors equal means they will all have the same felt recoil. I always pick the 12 gauge as the largest assortment of shot and velocity loadings are available and often more readily available ...Would I buy 16 gauge?? Yes ,if it fit my shotgun...but caliber is the only reason I would choose 16 over 12 or 20 gauge.

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: machinisttx on May 06, 2018, 12:19:58 PM ---This is about 80% false. There isn't as much selection and stores don't stock as much of it, but it's not hard to find. I have several 16's and have spent more time hunting with them than my 12's since I obtained them. I don't live in or near a large population center, and don't have any problems at all finding ammo locally(except during dove season), including buckshot. No problems finding it even during dove season if I drive down to the Dallas area, and there is always online shopping.

Even having said the above, I keep a 12 gauge ready for HD duty. Mine is loaded with 3" 000 buck. If I need to use it, I'm not going to notice the recoil, and I certainly don't want less power.

--- End quote ---

$5 at the WalMart or similar big box store has 12g in #7 or #8 7 days a week.

To Carl's point.  Even with the ubiquitous 12g if I am shooting those cheap walmart target loads, there's negligible recoil.  It's when I get to #4 and smaller my rem 870 starts to kick.

  Velocity X Mass  will get recoil every time

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: Carl on May 07, 2018, 01:11:19 PM ---  Velocity X Mass  will get recoil every time

--- End quote ---

As I recall, energy = mass * velocity^2  ;D

So that's why a .223 moving @ 3000fps has around 1200 ft*lbs of force, but a similar projectile from a .22lr moving at half the speed has only 10% of the energy at the muzzle.

I'm generally a fan of firearms that can support a wide range in velocities/pressures.  Shotguns and wheel guns are high on that list, because of their versatility.

  I was going easy on them....shotgun is also well suited as a NON-LETHAL  weapon with many ammo choices like rubber ball and batons ,bean bags,tear gas,flash bangs and even taser rounds.


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